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What Do Our Classes Offer


Perhaps you're too busy to stick to a rigid schedule of twice a week live learning and want to learn as you go when you have down-time. If that sounds like you, sign up for our self-paced classes where you can access all class content online in a self-paced manner. Upon sign-up you will be granted access to our full collection of lectures, assignments, activities, and quizzes. You will get extensive educational content, as well as access to a rich, exclusive community where you'll develop a network with your peers, our founder, and team members!

Here is a glimpse of what our Self Paced Courses look like!

Only $12.99 per month!

Close-up of a hand making the ASL letter "A" handshape.
Self Paced Courses
Group Sessions
Close-up of a hand making the ASL letter "G" handshape.


ASL Learning from Anywhere! Want to take an ASL class in your PJs without leaving home? Our Zoom group sessions are perfect for you! Skip the hassle of commuting and join our virtual classroom. Learn everything from introductions, family backgrounds, numbers and fingerspelling to conversational ASL. Our goal? Get you chatting with Deaf people in no time!

Prefer a Classroom Setting? We've got you covered with our in-person classes! Experience the same comprehensive learning with the added benefit of face-to-face interaction. Perfect for those who thrive in a traditional classroom environment.

For Beginners and Beyond: Whether you're starting out or looking to advance, our courses cater to all levels. Dive into more complex vocabulary, sentence structure and ASL nuances in our intermediate and advanced classes. 

Flexible & Interactive Sessions: Our courses, whether online via Zoom or in our cozy physical classrooms, offer small, intimate group settings for a more personalized learning experience. Choose between one-hour sessions twice a week or two-hour sessions once a week, all spanning four weeks. For online classes, you’ll need a computer or tablet. Keeping your phone handy is recommended for interactive activities.

Your ASL Journey Awaits: By the end of our sessions, you'll be ready to share your story, thoughts, and feelings in ASL with confidence. Ready to start expressing yourself in ASL? Sign-up for our group sessions (online or in-person) and begin your journey today!


Have a project and not sure how to start? Consult with us! Consultations can be about anything ranging from small projects to big ideas! Whether you just want advice for yourself, to learn about baby signs, establish a workshop for your company, or to train some of your employees in ASL so they can be more inclusive of their Deaf coworkers, we're ready to help! Consultations are open-ended, so just send us an email and we'll get started!

Close-up of a hand making the ASL letter "C" handshape.
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